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Oct 192014
Álvaro Lobato Faria

Álvaro Lobato Faria

The director of MAC, Álvaro Lobato de Faria gave a conference on the artistic work of the Portuguese sculptor João Duarte, at the opening of the artist’s exhibition, at Galeria do Sindicato dos Professores, in Lisbon, 6th october 2014.

João Duarte, sculptor of great national and international prestige, shows us, once again, his creative universe that highlights his great ability and the talent of a master of forms, which takes material form in the sculptural “Mater Goddesses”. He recreates them within a unique climate with the critical sensitivity and technical purity of one who not only creates art, but he himself is art. The art of living, of seeing the world and transmitting it in his sculptures, as a guide to a way of thinking.” (Álvaro Lobato de Faria)

Recently, João Duarte received the MSS Medal of Honor Medalist Honoris Causa for special merits in the area of medalistics, at “FIDEM Art XXXIII World Congress 2014″, held in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The sculptor João Duarte is represented by the MAC Gallery – Contemporary Art Movement Lisbon and may be described as an owner of a line of work in the area of medalistics widely recognized at national and international level, centers his work on a constant search for new ways and forms of drawing the attention of the eye to the medal. Therefore, his works show great originality from the point of view of the form and materials used, for which he has received international recognition throughout his career and important awards in this artistic field that he masters.

Text of the speech: here

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