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May 032013
Circus and other carnival things by Roberto Chichorro - MAC Lisbon

MAC – Lisbon announces the opening of a new individual art show by painter Roberto Chichorro entitled “Circus and other carnival things”. The exhibition may be visited in Lisbon until May 30th 2013. Roberto Chichorro was born in 1941 in Lourenço Marques. He devoted himself to Painting expressing old stories magic that he was hearing, related to worlds of wonders, terrors and witchcraft, and also animals, music and laughter. Chichorro constantly paint his boy memories and do it with a very colorful palette where parodied Chagall`s scenarios opening the look to the intensity of a magical world, almost weightless, floating. He worked as designer and as a decorator hall for international fairs in Mozambique and illustrated several books. From 1982/85 had a scholarship from Spanish Government in Madrid for ceramics work (with Taller Blue) and zincography (with Oscar Manezzi). In 1986 had a scholarship from Portuguese Government, living in Portugal since then and devoting himself exclusively to Painting. Paintings Gallery: MAC Exhibition Video   MAC– Movimento Arte Contemporânea  Rua do Sol ao Rato 9C, 1250- 260 Lisboa Tel. +351 213850789 Av. Álvares Cabral, 58-60, 1250-018 Lisboa Tel. +351 213867215 mac@movimentoartecontemporanea.com http://movartecontemporanea.blogspot.pt/ http://alvarolobatodefaria.blogspot.pt/ http://movimentoartecontemporanea.com