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Feb 282016
All My Things Exhibition By José Medina Galeote Opens At El Pacto Invisible Gallery In Málaga

Eli Catharsis, Freelance journalist, photographer and translator El Pacto Invisible Gallery innaugurates the exhibition  All my things by the painter José Medina Galeote. (Molinillo del Aceite, 13. Málaga, from December 10th) Born in Gerona in 1970, José Medina Galeote, a Catalan settled in Antequera defined himself in an interview given to El Cultural a few years ago as follows: “I’m not an artist, I am a person who makes art. I work with simple themes, I would say universal ones, I do not like fashions and have learned not to trust anything done in a haste. What you see is what you get. I do not want to convince anyone but I want to be serious about what I do. Anything else is called market. I am also interested in it, but it’s another thing. What I devote myself to is imagining  stories and things that later materialize through painting and drawing. Earlier, in the middle and after this process what influences me is my state of mind, my family, my friends. All reverses into my work.” Painting as a profession, as a matter of life and  a natural environment. El Pacto Invisible is a space for contemporary art located in the historic center of Malaga. According to La Opinión de Málaga:: “Their founders, Diego Acedo, Gregorio Martinez and Jeets Dhanani explain their philosophy: “We transcend the traditional concept of art gallery; by combining the physical venue opened for visitors with the vocation to develop the bulk of our activities in the digital space. We believe that a current gallery must integrate as an important part of their work the attention to cultural promotion and […]