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Apr 122013
Exhibition Baruch Elron Paintings

The Municipal Art Gallery of Afula, Israel organizes the exhibition Baruch Elron Paintings 1934 – 2006, curator Ruthie Kalimi. The opening of the exhibition will be held on Wednesday, 8th of May 2013, in the presence of the Mayor Mr. Avi Alkabetz,  Ambassador of Romania in Israel, Mr. Edward Iosiper, Mr. Micha Harish, Chairman of  The United Organization of Romanian Immigrants in Israel and Mr. Ze’ev Schwartz, Chairman of the Association of immigrants from Romania. Baruch Elron (1934-2006) was born in Bucharest, in a family of Sephardic Jews. He studied Painting at the Nicolae Grigorescu Fine Arts Academy in Bucharest. Among his teachers were the great artists Corneliu Baba, Ciucurencu, Steriadi and Yosef Molnar. During his student years, Elron made several study trips to Moscow, Prague and Budapest where he spent his time in the museums, studying the great masters. In 1958, he was granted the Excellency Award at the International Art Fair of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A year later, in Moscow, he received the prize of the Moscow Youth Festival. After graduating from the academy, he began to work as a graphic artist, as a book illustrator and in advertising. In 1960, he received the Prize for Book Illustration at the Dresden Book Fair in Germany. In 1963, Baruch Elron moved to Israel and in 1966, Baruch Elron had his first solo exhibition in Tel Aviv, closely followed by many others: New York 1967), Montreal and Toronto (1969). Between 1974-1976, he took part at the International Art Fair of Dusseldorf and Koln, in […]

Apr 092013
Continuation, Painting Exhibition by Portuguese artist Fernando d' F.Pereira

MAC Lisbon (Movement for Contemporary Art) organizes the exhibition Continuation, by Fernando d’ F.Pereira. The exhibition will be opened between the 9th of April – 9th of May 2013, in Lisbon, Rua do Sol ao Rato 9C, 1250-260 Lisbon. Fernando d`F. Pereira was born in Lisbon. In 1962, he begins a tour through Europe, from the south of Spain through Paris (where he studied and worked in the Du Buffet atelier) and Lyon. After attending the Freikunstakademie in Salzburg (Austria) and Rodel Kunstschüle in Mannheim (Germany), where he resides for three decades, exhibiting permanently at Reichardt and Quadrat galleries. Performed works of art and decoration to several institutions and in particular order, along with an intense exhibition activity. His work, influenced by German expressionism, generally considered symbolic or surreal has been subject of study and analysis by critics and historians of art like Anna-Luise Marz, Jockle Clemens, Gabriele Schulte Plage, Hans L. Schulte, Hans W. Borgmann, Harald Kramer, Marx Hieke, Ilana Schenhave, Michael Hierholzer, Santiago Campillo, José Luís Ferreira, Beate Kukatzki, Vaz Rodrigues, Luísa Ribeiro, Eduardo Nascimento or Frithjof-Shwartz.   Gallery of Works: MAC http://www.facebook.com/events/416387985124929/ Inauguration photos: