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Aug 292010
Romeo Niram – Recuperando el rostro del arte

Diario de Pontevedra, artículo por Fabianni Belemuski Reclaiming the Face of the Art by Fabianni Belemuski Open publication – Free publishing – More arte Translated into English Self-portrait. The artist who shows his own image is, to us, the protagonist of a rebirth of his identity. He passes on to the spectator his doubts, quests and desires regarding this self-identity. Miquel Barceló recently exhibited the painting of a gorilla entitled “Self-portrait”. The identification with the world which he lived in and affected him during his trips to Africa and the equivalence between man and animal, giving up the adjectives as Drumond de Andrade said, are present in his work. On the other hand it can also be a fallacy given that the renouncement does not imply, because it would be impossible, the change of the face. As much as he wants it, Barceló cannot live within a primate. Goya reveals in his self-portraits all the possibilities of individual psychology and he manages to emphasize by means of nuances a new definition of the human nature. Face changes in order to express evolution as time goes by, affecting both the personality and the physical body. It is hard to say to what extent a gorilla’s self-portrait may be a significant expression of one’s personality. Romeo Niram chooses a “classical” self-portrait and before creating it he had undertaken various studies on his life and elaborated psychological profiles of his own personality. “Self-portrait is perhaps, paradoxically, the hardest painting to paint because we should be able to know […]